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Embark on a journey with me, tracing my footsteps over the past 50 years, as I collected treasures from across the globe. Experience Boutique Majid - a truly magical and inspiring place which speaks for itself.


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Client testimonials

Slide A great pleasure to see your house prospering after all these years. May you long continue. Mick Jagger Singer Slide I was looking for the secret of Tangier. I began to find it here in a button made of silk which if unraveled would reveal a thread that could stretch from here to Socco Chico. I will be back looking for another secret. Naomi Barry Slide Quiet thinking places. Only sea surf on wings of sea gulls disturb the thoughts that… Richard Harris Actor Slide For Inspiration. Mine and many others. Great meeting you and coming across your shop which has the most beautiful things Mario Testino Photographer Slide Thank you for the treasures, hospitality, and memories. You were a great fashion stylist for the cover shoot on your roof! Fabulous Stewart Shining Photographer Slide This has been a fascinating and fantastic learning experience every visit... We want a house in Tangier, filled with your goodies! Peter Robinson Author Slide A fellow merchant of so many years who still and evermore fills his shop with treasures and resurrects precious fragments into works of art. Christopher Gibbs Antiques dealer Slide What a wonderful piece of luck that we stopped by your beautiful shop! Thomas Riley Ambassador Slide je me suis toujours perdu vers le raffinement oriental.-je me dirige vers Majid dans la boutique pour m’emporter dans un autre univers. Menouar Samiri Producer Slide Thank you for the brain melting beauty. Keep rocking Matt Sweeney Guitarist

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