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Abedelmajid Rais El Fenni - Founder

My name is Abedelmajid Rais El Fenni. I was born in Fez, Morocco in 1951. Raised on a farm with my uncle until the age of seven, then moved back to Fez to study. I left school at the age of fourteen and I moved to Tangier at the age of fifteen in June 1965. I started working in a little bazaar in the Medina of Tangiers. I was a salesman for four years from the medina to the Kasbah, and then I started my own shop "Boutique Majid" in 1970 in partnership with my uncle Hajj Mohammed Rais El Fenni. He was a great teacher and had great taste. I have to mention my father Hajj Idriss Raiss El Fenni, since he was behind all my success.

Meeting great people along the way, I pushed the walls every ten years, making Boutique Majid bigger, nicer and more interesting. Along the road , I found that in this business, the best part of it is finding things and traveling around to far-out places.

In 1974, I met my wife Mie Nielsen, who came to visit from Copenhagen, Denmark. She fell in love with everything here!. She has been the artist behind the scenes ever since.

Slowly over the years I built up a fabulous collection of textiles and silk embroideries, jewelry from different tribes of Morocco, and after 30 years of traveling and searching and collecting, there was "Boutique Majid". Come and visit to experience this fabulous place yourself."

As a kid in the late 60's Abedelmajid Rais El Fenni earned five dirhams a night emptying ashtrays at Barbara Hutton's parties. Today his Boutique Majid is one of the top antique shops not just in Tangier, but in all of Morocco.

-Travel & Leisure Magazine, Feb '99