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Boutique Majid's art-level collection of rare Moroccan antiques attracts clients from around the globe. For over 30 years founder Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni has been delivering the finest antique Moroccan textiles, carpets, jewelry, ceramics, & wood products from the heart of Morocco & the Sahara Desert to his shop located in the medina of Tangier. Now it's available to you online in the Private Collection.

Browse our Private Collection!
Browse our Private Collection!

-Travel & Leisure Magazine, Feb '99

"As a kid in the late 60's Abedelmajid Rais El Fenni earned five dirhams a night emptying ashtrays at Barbara Hutton's parties. Today his Boutique Majid is one of the top antique shops not just in Tangier, but in all of Morocco.

When El Fenni crows, 'I've got the finest, most extensive collection of antique textiles in the country', no one challenges him. Mountains of beautifully rehabilitated brocades, lush velvets, humble checks, and ticking stripes, Muslim wedding sheets, and elaborate floral crochet work fill his well-tended atmospheric shop.

Bowles goes jelly-kneed over a 19th century felted cashmere caftan in raspberry with plum trim, 'So Schiaparelli, don't you think?' Berber jewelry of coral, silver, and fragrant hand polished amber is another of Majid's specialties."

"Hand Embroidery
in Morocco"

19th Cent.Chest

Amber Necklace

Hand-woven Kilim

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