Hand Embroidery in Morocco -
Go to Article Some samples of incredible hand embroidery dates back to the early 18th century, but women started this time-consuming occupation long before. As a tradition many centuries ago, women used to decorate their hands and feet with henna for special occasions, such as a wedding ceremony. The Berber tribes still use permanent tattoo symbols. Later this very decoration had been transferred onto pottery and then as hand embroidery, which became a big part of tradition.
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Introduction to Amber - February, 2002
Go to ArticleAmber is a fossilized resin from Asian pine forests long submerged under the sea, from between 20 to 60 million years old. Amber could be gathered irregularly, especially along the North Sea coast of East Anglia, Jutland, and the shores of South Baltic. Having been washed loose from its deposits by sea currents, mainly during violent storms. Amber often contains insects that were trapped when the resin was secreted.
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