My name is Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni. I was born in Fez, Morocco, and left school at the age of fourteen. I moved to Tangier in 1965, where I started working in a little bazaar in the Medina. I was drawn by the diverse clientele, their fashion, rich taste and eclectic styles. They allowed me to grow and improve over the years.

Boutique Majid opened its doors in 1970. Meeting inspirational people along the way, expanding the walls every ten years, Boutique Majid flourished into the magical place it is today. Along the road, I found that in this business, the best part of it is meeting new faces, discovering new things and traveling to unexplored places, where I can make treasures accessible to all my guests.

In 1974, I met my wife Mie Nielsen, who came to visit from Copenhagen. She fell in love with everything here! She has been the artist behind the scenes ever since.

Slowly over the past 50 years, I built up a fabulous collection of textiles and silk embroideries, jewelry from different tribes across the world, after much traveling, exploring and collecting. This is what makes Boutique Majid so unique.

Discover our treasures

Embark on a journey with me, tracing my footsteps over the past 50 years, as I collected treasures from across the globe. Experience Boutique Majid - a truly magical and inspiring place which speaks for itself.

Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni

As a kid in the late 60's Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni earned five dirhams a night emptying ashtrays at Barbara Hutton's parties. Today his Boutique Majid is one of the top antique shops not just in Tangier, but in all of Morocco.

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